Our Story


Our Story

Evans Coghill Homes’ is a story that begins with charity, and is based on deeply held beliefs about people, home, and doing what is right. Let us share with you how merging principles helped us become the respected homebuilder we are is today.

During the construction of a Habitat for Humanity home in 2001, the founders of Evans Coghill Homes met as volunteers, and immediately saw the potential for a partnership. It was then, while swinging hammers together in the hot Southern sun that they forged a friendship and a commitment to deliver something special. By borrowing from their grandmothers’ maiden names, Evans and Coghill, a new company was born. Today, almost two decades later, and with many changes behind them, Evans Coghill Homes stands as one of the strongest homebuilding brands in the Charlotte region. With an ever expanding team of passionate and remarkable professionals at their side, they work to constantly create an experience that continues to uphold those original ideals formed long ago on that fateful summer day.

However important the past may be, Evans Coghill Homes also knows that the needs of today’s buyer are rapidly shifting. Many buyers no longer desires vast, seldom-used spaces that take energy away from being together, instead preferring to be more intentional about their resources and their living environments without sacrificing style and quality. In response, we’re constantly reinventing our plans to reconfigure space where it’s used most. We focus on settings where positive connections happen, and where understanding, kindness, and learning can emerge. We also insist these spaces are inherently grand and gracious, as well as feeling complete, because no small detail of excellence or aesthetic is overlooked. Floor plan movement then flows logically, and transitions from casual to formal, from intimate to entertaining, and from inside to outside all make sense. This is how we truly do what is right.


Our Hallmark Style

Here are just a few of the elements you’ll find when you become acquainted with our homes.

  1. Every Evans Coghill home meets the highest standards for energy efficiency with third party confirmation of every home we build to provide maximum efficiency and comfort. 
  2. Count on seeing family gathering areas that actually fit families. Enjoy open, functional kitchens, and plentiful storage. Owner’s suites are replete with oversized elements, as well logical placement of lighting and dressing areas. In fact every room in the home is distinct and recognizable.
  3. The Southeast has blessed us with a beautiful climate, so we construct outdoor living areas that extend the visual space as well as the home experience. Sure, it’s not part of the heated-square-footage, but it most definitely is part of the “I love living here” overall plan.
  4. Our homes are filled with a much higher level of standard features than most of our competitors, with many in each price range that include built-in cabinetry, quartz or granite countertops, hand-sanded and finished hardwood floors, raised ceilings, and generous custom trim work.
  5. Finally, our customer journey is specifically curated to put you at the center of the process. No question is rebuffed. No inspection too trivial. And every buyer must feel listened to and respected. From first visit to receiving your keys, everything revolves around you.


Recognized by Peers

The pinnacle of recognition came to Evans Coghill in 2016 when they won the coveted Builder of the Year award in Charlotte. Builder of the Year is awarded to the home builder who excels in innovation, homeowner service, growth and leadership. They humbly accepted this peer-generated award knowing that their inspiration for excellence comes directly from the needs of the buyer. A satisfied ECH homeowner put it all into perspective with this quote, “There’s just something about an Evans Coghill Home. You can just feel it when you walk through the door.”


A Solid Foundation Holds Strong

Evans Coghill Homes remains an enduring home building company providing lasting value to its home buyers, and they are proud of their longevity and reputation for integrity which has only strengthened over time. Given that statement, one of the most important charities in their portfolio continues to be Habitat for Humanity®, in which a portion of the profits of every Evans Coghill home is donated back to Habitat, completing the circle of charity that is so central to their culture.

To summarize, they hold three philosophies as the key to their behavior in each transaction:  Lead with Integrity, Listen with Passion, and Execute with Excellence. We hope you will see these play a part in every encounter with every vendor, municipality, financial partner, contractor, and especially every buyer.